한 달 이상 입원 후 사망한 환자들의 폐는 폐조직이었는지 구분이 안 될 정도로까지 파괴된다고 하는데, 

다른 뉴스에서는 감염 확진 후 치료되는 경우에도 폐조직 손상이 보인다고 하더군요


위의 링크 기사 중에는, 흑인 및 아시아 인종 관련 다음의 글도 나옵니다:

" “In studies of patients in London hospitals, black, African, Asian and minority groups show higher rates of admission to hospital, which shows they are more likely to have become infected under conditions where the virus dose is maybe high,” he said.

“But once they are in hospital they do just as well as anybody. The hypothesis is they are disproportionately suffering from socioeconomic factors that make them more likely to receive high-frequency, high doses of infection. That is not to say the hypothesis is correct, but it is perfectly valid until proven otherwise.” "